Technical interviews are full of surprises, but that doesn’t mean they are random.

Coding interviews can feel a lot like being the hitter in a baseball game. You fear the curve balls and hope for the home run.

Technical interviews are the bane of every novice programmer and the reason for countless hours practicing the herculean task of writing code unaided by Stack Overflow. In spite of all our efforts, we will inevitably be hit with an unexpected question in an interview. If the “regret to inform” email…

Bill Gates and Salman Khan at TED, 2011.

What does it take to transmit an idea?


The right ones, maybe.


In moderation, maybe.


If they’re pretty, maybe.

As information becomes more important, so does the need to transmit it well. While we are taught — mostly through experience and common knowledge — some rules of…

The Data Science tool-belt has grown significantly as the industry matured. Nowadays, professionals must be skilled with importing, cleaning, processing and graphing data, not to mention evaluating the statistical significance of findings and managing several data sources. …

How Self-Learning Made a Difference in the Pandemic

Two jars. One overloaded with sand coming first and one filled with bigger rocks coming first then covered with sand.
Always start with the largest stones, then fill the rest with sand.

It’s March. Class after class begin to shut down and awkwardly reemerge online. Happily, I happened to be part of a lucky few who barely felt the change in academic dynamics. I’m guilty of having less-than-perfect attendance and a hard time sticking to an overwhelmingly strict schedule; but before you…

Have you ever tried playing Dark Souls? I have. The aptly-named video game is soul-crushing; it gives you a simple set of actions and a plethora of reasons to throw your controller against a wall. That’s cool, but have you ever tried creating a big software from scratch? Or perhaps…

Renato Zimmermann

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